Walkera Goggle4 FPV Glasses

Walkera Goggle 4, HD Aerial Video Glasses with 40 channels and DVR, including dual diversity antenna with a 1 km 5.8 gHz video range.  Continuing the evolution of FPV goggles, Google4 (v4) comes with no surprises, expand the number of channels to 40 for drone racing, strengthen the range with dual diversity antennas and explore HD capabilities.

The Advanced Edition DVR allows you to record your flight, to replay and log your flight in the event you need to revisit your GPS coordinates!

Also retaining old classics for FPV planes, head tracking gimbal control and headphones.  Yes, we still love to listen to the prop on the plane, sometimes … so we can determine engine failure.


Two versions are planned for. Beta testing continues, we will report back shortly.  Planned for release May-June 2016.




Similar Goggle Alternatives
Users have recommended these 2016 alternatives: Walkera Goggle4 Entry level, Kylin Vision, Eachine EV800. See comparison video.


Complementing the release of Goggle4, a F210 3D edition is released.   F210 3D is a quadcopter with an optimized F3 flight controller paired with reversible electronic speed controller (ESC), allowing you to reverse the motor at mid point to fly upside down in a 3D manner. At flight mode 0 (FMOD=0 factory default) normal  flight takes it toll, flip the switch to FMOD=1, it will go into 3D mode, motor brakes and reverses.



Living Blog.  Be back shortly. source: http://youtube.com/diydrone

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