Volantex Ranger 757-4 Review

Synopsis Ranger 757-4

TODAY I took a look at the Volantax Ranger 757-4 that we purchased online for just over a $100. The 757-4 is a scale down version of the popular 2m Ranger Ex 757-3 FPV Drone plane. It is resized to 1.4m 1380mm, just small enough to fit into a standard size car trunk/boot without taking it apart.


One of the more interesting feature of the plane is that it is designed for GoPro or FPV cameras.. it comes tail heavy, so you can install multiple fpv cameras and large batteries. A weight is even included in the event you are not ready to fly with a camera. We had to fly it with a 3S 5000 mAh LiPo battery without a GoPro weight on the front, to get the correct center of gravity (CG). It is quick, easy to assemble, no glue is required.

I would say that for the most part, all the things looks good, and well-built. The decals look fantastic. I have a few minor concerns that I would like to take a further look at, but i think it is well designed. I will reserve my judgment on anything that I think might be an issue until I get the chance to take it in the air for a few test flights.


The inside of this plane is enormous, a warehouse fuselage to store all your fpv gadgets. There should be no complaint of a lack of space. As I began to inspect the plane, i did noticed that there is no way to attach or hold the high wings down. After a few days of research, I realized that a bracket is missing to bolt the wings. My favorite dealer was quick to promised to get me a bracket, but in the mean time i will have to build it out of a popsicle stick and re-enforce with velcro on the front and sides. The only other thing to adjust is the tail wheel which was not perfectly align straight for take-off, other than that, those wheels are very strong.

Factory Specifications

  • Brand Name: Volantex
  • Item Name: Ranger 757-4 Airplane
  • Wingspan: 1380mm
  • Flying Weight(without battery): 800g
  • Motor Size: 2812/1400KV powerful out runner brushless motor
  • ESC: 30A brushless ESC
  • Servo 9-gram Servo * 4pcs included
  • Recommended Battery: 11.1V 1800mAh Li-Po
  • Charger: Not included
  • Flaps: Yes
  • Retracts: No
  • Recommended Radio: 2.4Ghz 6-Channels
  • Experience Level: Beginners ~ Expert
  • Recommended Environment: Outdoor
  • Assembly Time: Less than half hour
  • Is Assembly Required: Yes
  • Requires: PNP requires Radio System, Battery and Charger



To conclude, the Volantax Ranger 757-4 is well-engineered, there are some minor quality concerns. Love the color scheme and the decals are professionally designed. It is simple to assemble and flew very well without any modifications. Take-offs will need some space, and landings are easy. We do recommend the Ranger 757-4 for anyone who is looking for a perfect trunk size FPV plane.

In terms of ranking, I would say it is in the lower half of what’s new in the market April 2016, unfavorable flying characteristics out of the box. (Current Picks dronemission.com/top5).

Living Blog.  Be back shortly. source: http://youtube.com/diydrone


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