Firefly 6s Hawk Eye

The Firefly 6S WiFi 4K action camera sport DV camcorder is among the top 3 cameras mimicking the GoPro form factor. HAWK-EYE Aerial Video Technoloy is known to focus it’s effort on FPV action, has a 2k-4k version of the camera following the 1080p release FireFly 5s. Similar to it’s sibling, it carries a Sony CMOS 12.0MP sensor, but with higher resolution and GYRO image stabilization, this makes the Firefly 6s a winner.

User Segment
Camera Enthusiast, FPV Ready, Budget USD$99.99 MAP (May 2016 source: GearBest)

What To Expect If This Your First

Our initial test tells us this is a keeper, regardless if it shoots at 4K, the 1080P 60 FPS is fantastic and with GYRO image stabilization. If you do not own a GoPro, this is definitely the choice for a budget Action Sports HD camera.  The menu system is simple and easy to use. Hawk-Eye has a clear understanding of usability, keeping the functions organized and reachable when needed. We like that the fact everything worked out of the box and the video we have included showcase the great potential of a Firefly 6s.

The FPV cable with a voltage regulator comes included with a Firefly 5s and 6s.


FPV Highlights

  • Remote Start and Stop recording using receiver (option)
  • GYRO image stabilization
  • Auto power on and gracefully turns off after your aircraft battery is powered off !
  • SD card slot relocated to the bottom for some gimbal convenience
  • Soft blue light indicator when recording is on, flashes on the OK button and Mode button to assist pilot in knowing recording is on.
  • OSD to assist pilot in knowing recording is on.
  • Angle adjustment: 3 options: Large / Medium / Small (small = less distortion but reduce image quality)

Similar Cameras

Users have considered these 2016 alternatives: Git2 by GitUp, Xiaomi Yi

Factory Specifications
Video resolution: select from 4K@24fps(Quicktime player required),2.5K
@30fps, 1080P 60@fps,1080P@30fps and 720p@120fps,VGA@3fps。
Photo resolution 16M
AV output
USB Port
Class 10 Maximum size of TF card supported 64G
Camera size 59×41×21 MM

Weight 70g
Battery Capacity 1600mAH
Battery life: 1.5 hours
Charging 2-3 hours
Compressed format H264
Video/photo format *.MP4 / *.JPG
Optical Parameter Diaphragm F/2.8 ,7 glasses
Angle Horizontal 105 degree
Diagonal 140 degree
Working Voltage 5V
current 800mA
Modes: Video, Photo,Time-lapse video,Time-lapse photo,11 Burst Photo
Time-lapse video: to start/stop time-lapse video at 0.5 / 1 / 3 / 5 /10
second intervals.

What we love about itfirefly-remote

  • Vivid color and ultra sharp images.
  • Fast, smooth, auto aperture exposure
  • Remote Control Module, start and stop recording remotely

What is essential we hope to see in the next version

  • Different form factor, slim line design

In terms of ranking, I would say it is in the top 2 favorite cameras during May 2016.  An update to follow.   (Current Picks

More videos..  source:  Join us, you are welcome to share your reviews, photos and videos here

A Project

Contribution by the R&D Team


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