XK X252 Shuttle 3D Quadcopter

Following the success of the XK X251 mini racer, XK Innovation brings to us the XK X252 Shuttle, a blend of speed, First Person View (FPV) flying with 3D capabilities.  With brushless motors and 3D bi-directional electronic speed control (ESC),  this quadcopter can perform amazing stunts, flips and inverted flying. ■ by dronemission.com

First Impression,  amazing, we love it, this quadcopter can be flown by keen beginners (intermediate) and yet provides the capabilities for a new pilot to venture into advance 3D flying.  However because of it’s structure design and one solid frame, breaking any parts would mean changing the whole frame out.  Out of the box, the X252 is not as fast as it’s sibling X251, but change out the 3D propellers to performance propellers, you begin to regain some of that high speed.


User Segment

Some experience, Park Flyers With The Need for Speed, 3D flying, Ready To Fly, Off the shelves, Budget USD$165 (July 2016 source: GearBest)

What To Expect If This Your First

You can easily spend 12 minutes on each flight, setting up and flying. The actual flight may last 8-10 minutes.

Propellers airfoil are evenly distributed on both upper and lower surfaces as expected with a blunt trailing edge, for a 3D quadcopter design.  The reversible electronic speed controller (ESC), allows you to reverse the motor at mid point to fly upside down in a 3D manner.  You do this by putting your right shoulder safety switch (Throttle Hold) to on, set your throttle stick at mid point and mixing your two left switches into 3D.  Be very careful now, at this point pushing the throttle up above midpoint will start the motors and lowering below midpoint will reverse the trust of the motors.

To land, it is easier to flip the switch back to 6G and then put your right shoulder safety switch (Throttle Hold) to off, this will stop all motors.

There is SD card storage area, to record your onboard flight video, with a clear 720P HD miniature camera.  Press the red left button to begin recording.

When the battery is low, the quadcopter will begin to descend. There is no audible sound to warn you of low battery, so setting a timer may be a good thing.

Flight Characteristic

The XK X252 is easy to maneuver around, forward pitches at a perfect angle of attack, ready for the next flip.  The upward trust is limited to 80% of the throttle curve, anything above with a 3D propellers will cause it to wobble to the side at full acceleration.

Camera and Monitor

The quadcopter carries an average 720P camera, almost jello free recording out of the box. While recording, a consistant drop of frames every few seconds on our x252. The video monitor is clear and has a good reception flying within the specified range

Similar Model Aircrafts

Users have considered these 2016 alternatives:  Walkera F210-3D, XK X350, XK X100, WLtoys V383 500, FY801 3D, Floureon H101, JJRC H22


Factory Specifications
Brand name: XK
Item name: X252 RC Quadcopter
Material: High-strength composite materials
Frequence: 2.4G
Brushless motor: 1804 * 4
Flight time: about 12 mins
Charging time: about 60-80 mins
Control distance: about 

Radio Transmitter Range: more than 250m
Quadcopter Battery: 7.4V 950mAh 20C
Transmitter Battery: 6 x 1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)

Wheelbase: 242mm
Flight weight: 220g (DM 232g takeoff)

Structure: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a common thermoplastic polymer (also used by Lego).

tests at dronemission.com

LiPo case and LiPo dimensions

What we love about it

  • Everything about it. How easy it flies, amazing forward thrust and flips.
  • 3D and 6 Axis Gyro.  Flip with confidence without worrying which side you may land up.
  • FPV monitor auto scans video channels instead of using dip switches (for version 2)

What is essential we hope to see in the next version

  • Strengthen the frame for 3D flying
  • To not hard soldered the LiPo.  A LiPo case is fine, have the LiPo easily replaceable


In terms of ranking, I would say it is in the top 7 favorites during this release recorded July 2016.  (Current Picks dronemission.com/top5).

More videos..  source: http://youtube.com/diydrone  Join us, you are welcome to share your reviews, photos and videos here

A DroneMission.com Project

Contribution by the DroneMission.com R&D Team




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