Walkera Aibao Airbot


Walkera Aibao Airbot is the new generation of drone technology  incorporating games into radio control aircraft with what is pioneered by Walkera as Mixed Reality. This allows for pilots to actually fly their GPS drones into virtual funnel gates, besides using it as filming platform. ■ by dronemission.com


User Segment
Beginners, Park Flyers, Ready To Fly, Off the shelves, Collectors, Budget $469 (source: Aug 2016 Walkera)


Camera: 16M (4640*3480), 12M (4000*3000), 8M (3264*2448), 5M (2592*1944)
Video: mp4/mov: UHD (4096*2160p) 25 fps or (3840*2160p) 30 fps, FHD (1920*1080) 60 fps, HD (1280*720p) 120 fps.
Storage Supports: SD/SDHC/SDXC Micro SD

Factory Specifications
Quadcopter Size: 280
Features: Mix Reality (MR) Drone Experience, GPS
Flight Duration: 17 minutes
Pro Class Radio Transmitter: new F8 with gaming functions, 2.4 gHz and WIFI. 8 or 18 channels
Radio Range: 2 km
Games: WIFI
Video transmitter: 5.8 gHz, 200 mW (800m range)
Estimated Price: $400 range

Release date: Q4 2016, available at all retails, online stores, including Amazon.

Tests in progress, be back with videos..  source: http://youtube.com/diydrone  Join us, you are welcome to share your reviews, photos and videos here

A DroneMission.com Project

Editorial from the DroneMission.com Review News PR Team


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