XK X300 Quadcopter

XK X300 quadcopter. XK Innovations has made several great budget quadcopters, so this is a welcome innovation to include an optical flow sensor in their latest XK budget quadcopter.  An optical flow sensor is a vision sensor capable of measuring optical flow or visual motion and producing a measurement based on an image sensor chip connected to a processor programmed to run an algorithm.

xk-x300-optical-sensor.jpgMarket Segment
Beginners, Park Flyers, Ready To Fly, Off the shelves, Budget [$] (PRICE CHECK:  Jan 2017 Sara’s Pick at Gearbest)

What To Expect we took this budget quadcopter for several flight tests. If quadcopter piloting is new to a user, the auto take-off is a nice introduction for beginners.   The optical flow sensor performed flawlessly, providing a good position hold. With the help of the barometric sensor, the quadcopter tracks pretty well flying straight, low while holding it’s altitude.

It seemed sluggish at times during flight with the brushed motors with the default 60% low rates. Brushed motors are one of the simplest types of motors that uses an armature, a commutator, brushes, an axle and a field magnet.  The advantage of using brushed motors is the low cost of production, they are replaceable, but the speed and torque is moderately flat. At higher speeds, brush friction increases, thus lowers the speed range due to mechanical limitations on the brushes.  Sand can easily get into the brushes which can affect it’s overall performance.

The yaw turn is fast, so completing a coordinated turn with the aileron stick will provide a better bank turn. The descent is slow and controlled by the barometric sensor.  On the positive side, it is not going to drop if the throttle stick is lowered too fast. The x8 radio transmitter includes an auto-flip function. The auto-flips could be improved, as it requires the user to release the stick to a halt or it will keep flipping while losing altitude.

Users can easily spend 20 minutes on each flight, setting up and flying. The actual flight may last 15 minutes or less.  ■  dronemission.com



Consistent finishes. No conspicuous flash marks when molten plastic leaks out of the cavity, resulting in a thin layer of plastic protruding from the part called flash and no short shots when there is an inadequate amount of plastic material to fill the mold.

Competitors / Similar Models 

Users have considered these 2017 alternatives: MJX Bugs 3.


The camera is a 720P 90°Wide Angle HD Camera

Factory Specifications

XK X300-W RC quadcopter
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 8CH
Gyro:6 axis
FOV:90 degree
Motor: 050 core
Quadcopter Size:26.5 x 34 x 15cm
Flight Weight:About 370g
Flight time: About 15-17minutes
Control distance: about 200m
FPV Distance: About 250m
Battery for quadcopter: 2S 7.4V 2000mAh (proprietary casing)
Adapter: 10V 800mAh
Battery for transmitter: 6 X 1.5V AA battery

Xk x300 categorized as a entry level quadcopter flying with low speed, ready to fly with a good position hold.  In terms of ranking, we would say it is in the top 5 budget favorites in this category, as recorded Jan 2017.  A positive recommendation for distributors and dealers.  Low risk.  An update to follow.   (Current Picks dronemission.com/top5).

More tests in progress, be back with videos..  source: http://youtube.com/diydrone 

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